Refinishing Hardwood Floors vs. Replacing Hardwood Floors

If your hardwood flooring is worn out, it can be tough to decide whether to hire a person to refinish the floors or substitute them. Each choice offers benefits, and the choice will be dependent on the circumstances. Here is what you want to know before deciding.

What's Floor Refinishing?

Real hardwood floors can be sanded 4-5 times, based upon the wear layer, to make the surface look like new. The process involves sanding down to raw timber to remove imperfections and markings, leaving the exposed coating appearing fresh. Many homeowners refinish floors to mitigate chips and stains, but some wish to use another stain color to upgrade their inside appearance.

Refinishing vs. Replacing

The status of the flooring is the most significant element when choosing to refinish the present substance or put in a replacement. If the recent planks are salvageable with sanding, refinishing is often the best choice. For flooring which has signs of rust or water damage, it is ideal to replace the damaged areas or the whole flooring to promote continuity and durability.

If you're looking to boost your inner layout, refinishing can deliver a shine to the room. But if you'd like to correct the wood style or how big these planks, install an entirely new flooring.

Hardwood which is decades old and has already been sanded down several times cannot be refinished without repainting the floor. Therefore, take the age of this substance into consideration.

If you're seeking the quickest option, install fresh planks, as dividing the previous ones and placing in upgraded stuff will often be quicker. Refinishing old wood with many stains, scratches, or regions that require patching might take a week or more, though a new installation often requires just a couple hours or days if you select prefinished flooring. This also is based on the square footage. Should you install unfinished floors, they will need to be sanded and stained. This process will require more than a refinish. Always matters to take into consideration when choosing the flooring that best fit not only your budget, but your schedule also.

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